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Homeward Bound!

Parting shot and smile-filled farewell to the UK as well as this family adventure. For the past 4 months we've been nearly this close and despite many a road weary morning...


Salou, Pamplona, and Biarritz

We packed up and left Barcelona, Spain heading south approximately 100 miles to the coastal beach town of Salou. We wanted to spend an additional few days in the country, preferably...


Florence “Firenze”

Venice was a pretty amazing introduction to Italy for our family and certainly one of the harder cities to depart and say goodbye to. We are used to exploration on...


Český Krumlov

According to the guide book at our Airbnb rental in Prague, Český Krumlov is the only other “must-see” location in the Czech Republic. I am sure many a seasoned tourist...


Frankie’s Back!

Well, she never really left but was certainly quite sick for the better part of a week. A few people have reached out as we never followed up on Wesley's...


Chapter Two and our New Family Carriage

We are now in Europe where it feels like part II as we will be driving throughout one continent for the remainder of our time verses taking planes from country...