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Salvador Dali’s Museum in Spain!

A few days ago we went to a museum in northern Spain that had a lot of Salvador Dali's art in it! It was really interesting to see a bunch...


4 Days in Prague

A few days ago we drove into Prague in the Czech Republic. We met a lady named Victoria and she showed us where we'd be staying for the next four...


Four Flights and Back to Winter!

We took four flights from Koh Samui to Bangkok to Seoul to London then finally to Gothenburg, Sweden! It was late at night when we got there and the airport...


My 5 Favorite Things in Thailand!

I liked all of the beautiful nature! I loved the food a lot. Especially the mushroom soup, omelettes, and the salad I liked all of the Airbnb and hotels we stayed in I especially...


Bangkok and my Birthday in Thailand!

Thailand has been different from Japan because it was always a little cold in Japan. But here in Thailand it is ALWAYS hot! We started in Bangkok where I had my...