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Final Thoughts and Reflections

We’ve been home for about a week now and regular life has rushed back in. At times while we were away we felt that four months was a bit long,...


The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Our final big excursion the day before flying home was touring the Harry Potter Studios just north of London. This is the huge studio complex that was used to film...


Roald Dahl and Great Missenden

About a year ago we gathered a list of Roald Dahl's kids books and slowly worked our way through reading them all. As dedicated fans of his writing we felt...


Jes joins the family in Paris!

This is Jes, Wes and Frankie's older sister. I feel so lucky to have been able to join the family for a portion of the adventure! I arrived in France...


Southern and Central France

As we headed north through France we wound our way among the vineyards (and an excessive number of toll booths, or “troll” booths as Frankie calls them) and stopped for...


Barcelona, Spain

It turns out our accommodation in Barcelona was a bit outside of the city – out of the main touristy area anyway. That was okay with us since we’ve become pretty...


Italy on to France

The drive from Florence to La Spezia, our next stop, was only a couple of hours so we took it slow, stopping a couple times along the way. Our first...


Dreamy Tuscany

The drive from Venice to Florence was an easy three hours compared to some of our other much longer travel days. In the car we’ve been listening to the audiobook...


Magical Prague

I was reading aloud to the kids when we neared Prague and I looked up just as the city came into view. It was incredibly beautiful - so colorful and...