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The Louvre and The Mona Lisa

While we were in Paris we stayed at my cousin Venla's house. We also met my older sister Jes there who flew in from Minnesota. Venla's parents Pia and Timmy...


A Map of France

Here is a picture I drew of France and some of the country's main cities. My dad said he might turn off his Google Maps app while we are in...


Meeting Up With My 1st Grade Teacher!

While we were in Florence, Italy we visited my former first grade teacher, Ms. Melissa and her husband Michael. She now lives and teaches here at an American school. First...


Venice – My Favorite City

One of my favorite cities we have been to lately is Venice, Italy. It is entirely built on water. There are no streets there so we parked our car in...


Two Cities in Germany

In the past week we have stayed in two cities in Germany: Frankfurt and Nuremberg. Frankfurt is a really big city but we stayed on the edge of it so...


Seven Days in Amsterdam

For the past week we have been in Amsterdam. For the first 4 days my dad had a photo shoot. His friends Joseph and Nicholas and the clients Tiffany and...


The Japanese Flag and my Five Favorite Things!

My top 5 favorite things in Japan Seeing Elliott, his house and where he lives in Yokahama Ramen noodles and sushi The Ueno zoo Using trains to get everywhere and riding on the Shinkansen...